Attention: Financial advisors, financial services firms, real estate / development companies, construction businesses, or anyone selling high end products or services to affluent buyers…

Stop Losing Leads and Sales Because of a Poor Customer Value Optimization Strategy


    Instead, Grow Your Revenues 200%, 300%, 400%, or Even More In the Next 12 Months Or Less

    • Customer Value Optimization focused on your financial / alternative investments, real estate, construction or luxury purchases business will grow your revenues 200 – 400% or more this year.
    • Persuasive web copywriting that gets amazing results with your affluent customer base
    • Content strategy that pulls in readers like a magnet
    • Automatic lead generation, lead nurturing, and sales funnels working for you on autopilot
    • Launch new products or services with a bang, and set yourself up for long term growth

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    Turn Prospects Into Leads, Leads Into Fans, and Fans Into Sales

    Your website is advertising, which means it has has one job – Generating leads and sales for your company, product or service…

    According to advertising legend, Raymond Rubicam – “The only purpose of advertising is to sell.  It has no other justification worth mentioning.”

    “Sales” is NOT a dirty word.  If it’s not making you money – either through sales, or sales ready leads, you might as well be flushing your web marketing budget down the toilet.  And when it comes to making money, most web sites are down right terrible.

    My name is Glen Kowalski.  I’m a Certified Customer Value Optimization Expert, Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist, and Direct Response Web Copywriter.

    My writing has appeared in International Living, Sovereign Society, David Morgan Report, Wall Street Daily, Hemisphere Publishing, and several other well known publications.

    While other marketing consultants may call themselves conversion optimization specialists, I focus on optimizing your entire sales funnel.  Increasing the average value of your customers throughout the buying cycle.

    That’s a long, fancy way of saying I help you make more revenue.  Through more sales, and loads of hot, sales ready leads… I use very specific words (copywriting) to get amazing results.

    As a writer and author of both fiction and non-fiction, I understand the best way to craft words to communicate your message and persuade your audience to take a desired action.

    Even more importantly, I design and create automatic sales, marketing, and lead generation funnels that multiply your revenues.  2x.  3x.  Or even 4x or more.  No matter where in the world your business happens to be…

    Potential clients will find you, become raving fans unable to wait to hear what you have to say next – and best of all – be nurtured into “sales ready” leads who wouldn’t dream of buying from anyone else. Working together, we’ll architect and create proven sales funnels – turning your web site into a lead magnet and sales machine.

    • Optimization of your sales cycle at 5 critical steps.  Most of your competitors are only trying (usually unsuccessfully) to optimize one of these.
    • Content marketing that pulls in qualified visitors who are looking for your service and positions you as an expert
    • Automatic Sales Funnels pulling readers through all buying stages – from prospects to leads and leads to clients and referrals.
    • Landing Pages that compel visitors to give you their best email address
    • Video Sales Letters that have viewers pulling out their wallets or typing in their phone numbers faster than you can type
    • Video scripts designed to illustrate your product or service in a way your prospects cannot live without them.
    • Autoresponder (Email) Series that hook your leads like a soap opera or great TV show, so they open their email and cannot wait to hear what you have to say next.  And are eventually nurtured into raving fans and customers
    • Product launches that get your new product, service, or business started on the right foot. No successful business was ever created without a proper launch.
    • Expert analysis and marketing consulting to keep your message honed and on track.

    You owe it to yourself to learn more.  When you have a question, or when you are ready to take action, call me at 305-515-6218 or schedule a free consultation, and we’ll see if we are a good fit. It’s time to take your online copywriting, inbound marketing, and content strategy to the next level with an automatic sales funnel system that actually gets results.

    Glen Kowalski

    How I Can Help

    • Complete Sales and Marketing Funnel Design, Architecture and Implementation
    • Persuasive Copywriting That Gets Results
    • Landing Pages
    • Video Sales Pages
    • Email Autoresponders and Newsletters
    • Reports & White Papers
    • Lifecycle Marketing Consulting
    • Content Marketing Strategy – Building Credibility for Your Company
    • Infusionsoft Consulting and Implementation
    • Amazing Product, Service, and New Business Launch Programs to Get You or Your New Product or Service Started on the Right Foot

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